Sabah – Kota Kinabalu

I believe Sabah and especially Kota Kinabalu is a major part of why they call Malaysia – Truly Asia. It is not so much explored tourist spot compared to KL and it is sure to make it an ecstatic experience. The picturesque sights and scenic beauty exceed one’s imagination and is a fabulous presentation of the amazing beauty of nature. This mesmerizing city encompasses the serenity at the top of Mount Kinabalu to the depths of the oceans showcasing one of the most pretty underwater life with the world’s largest biodiversity and coral reefs, beautiful islands and clean sandy beaches.

Ascend the Mount Kinabalu – Mount Kinabalu is Borneo’s tallest mountain. One is allowed to climb on the Low’s Peak which is at 4,095.2m above sea level. No specialized mountain climbing skills are required to ascend it, though along certain sections on the summit trail, hikers will need to rely on guide ropes to make the ascent and descent. The locals start climbing the mountain from a young age and due to that they are more fit and well used to the routes and also to the climate of the place. They know which is the best time to go for the hiking and when it can rain as it has a tropical climate.


Exploring the Islands – Kota Kinabalu has many islands nearby, around 20-30 minutes away from the mainland. They have sandy and sun basked beaches in the world, such as Sapi Island. Indulging in water sports, like water skiing, parasailing are the given options with scuba diving and snorkeling topping the list. The sunset is obviously a one-to die for, the sight is enthralling that we just keep looking at it. The most famous islands of Kota Kinabalu are in Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, namely the Sapi Island, Gaya Island, Mamutik Island and Manukan Island, Island-hopping has gained momentum in this area. This enables each place to be explored peacefully and in depth, saving the trouble and cost of traveling to each island separately.


Savor the seafood in KK – People from far and wide, come to this state of Sabah to indulge in seafood. All the famous Seafood restaurants like the Welcome and Gayang Seafood Restaurant have the rich display of live seafood, ready to be picked by the customers and freshly cooked and served to be savored with utmost delight. Fishes, eels, crabs, oysters, crabs, clams, will be available at these outlets. For seafood lovers, this certainly is one of the best things to do in Kota Kinabalu.

KK Waterfront – The 1.2 km long Boardwalk is specially designed to host auspicious occasions of all sorts and has great facilities enabling it to acquire a distinguished position in the city of Kota Kinabalu, boosting its ranking as a tourist attraction. The Kota Kinabalu Waterfront Mall is like the cherry on the cake. It is one of the unique and most reliable options of relaxing yourself and also enjoying the sunset in the evening from there.


Lok Kawi Wildlife Park Kota Kinabalu  is the best place to see the wildlife in their natural habitat and also protects endangered species by having them in this park. The park is a combination of a small zoo along with an exquisite and beautiful botanical garden.


The food to taste and savor in Malaysia is there in the next blog !!

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