Genting & Melaka

Genting Highlands is located just 45 minutes away from the Kuala Lumpur – the quickest holiday getaway in for people residing in KL. One of the good thing is it has round-the-clock exciting entertainment, It is situated approximately 1800 metres above sea level is immensely popular for its Vegas-style casino and its indoor and outdoor theme parks. It has the world’s fastest cable car system. Genting’s cool mountain air makes jungle trekking, star gazing a pleasurable experience;For the adventure loving people there is indoor rock climbing and flying fox activities.
Genting Skyway is one of the two cable car systems serving Genting Highlands, travelling between Gohtong Jaya and the peak of the highlands. While Awana Skyway is the main method of transportation, Genting Skyway operates during busy periods, such as weekends and public or school holidays. It is a 3.4 km-long journey in the gondola-style cable car offering breathtaking views of numerous landmarks within the highlands, including a 120-million-year-old rainforest, SkyAvenue Shopping Mall, Chin Swee Caves Temple.
Outdoor Theme Park – Kids will enjoy the outdoor theme park best as it includes water slides and thrill rides ranging from the mild to the extreme. Boasting a range of fun rides, the outdoor park is all the rage at this hill station. The rides to try are  the Space Shot and the Flying Coaster for adventure seekers.

Snow World Experience – It is a winter wonderland, unlike any other in Malaysia, featuring the Cresta Run snow slide. This attraction is a unique experience due to Malaysia’s hot and humid weather; it’s a great place to see kids playing and adults taking in the sights.
Melaka Province
Malacca or Melaka is frequented by tourists because of its well-preserved heritage buildings, wonderful colonial structures and fascinating history. Malacca offers so much more to its visitors – stunning natural attractions, vibrant markets, wide array of yummy food.
Melaka Fruit Farm – Melaka Tropical Fruit Farm is a place for all ages to visit. It opened as a means of agro-tourism, and is visited by tourists for tropical farm stays. The farm grows its own tropical fruits, and is available for all visitors to do fruit pickings. The best thing about it is you get to pick your own fruits there making it a unique experience for the tourist and a memorable one also. The farm also has its own mini zoo, allowing children to get up close and personal with animals such as ostriches and mini-deer.
The Shore Oceanarium is located on the shore of Malacca River, accessible to visitors and is a great place to take a break from the sweltering hot weather in Malacca. Fun for all ages, the Oceanarium has an wide array of marine animals of different species. It does not limit itself to only water creatures, though. The Oceanarium also exhibits a range of insects and land reptiles, ranging from poisonous tarantulas to hedgehogs. There are 12 zones available in the ocenarium which makes for a unique experience.
Located in the same building as the Ocenarium, Sky Tower Malacca is a great central point for photographers, and also a picturesque spot for families to admire the skyline of Malacca. The Sky Tower Malacca also provides a glass paneled platform, allowing people to feel like they’re walking on air. The best time is to go during evening to view the sunset.
View from the top of the building
Pahlawan Night Market is a lesser-known night market, bringing back nostalgic memories of the typical old night market memories. Experiencing the colourful trishaw rides at prices starting is a experience in itself. The rides are themed, ranging from the Disney hit movie “Frozen” to even Doraemon.

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