Thailand – Sawa Dee Krab

After visiting the Holy place of Erawan Shrine, it’s time for some food time. We head to Khao San road. It’s the place where the East meets West. The place is known as Backpacker’s area. One can find all types of hostels here where the foreigners can stay. You can find food stalls all around, sleek cafes, restaurants and live music going on hums yours ears. The food and drinks here are made keeping the Western people in mind. The happy go lucky mood of the place relaxes you all and it’s a fun place to make new friends and hang around and let the evening take its turn into the night.

20170111_190337Fun Times @Khao San Road

A visit to the famous Damneon Saduak Floating Market is worth including. It’s one of the famous floating markets in Bangkok which showcases you the bygone era of  Thailand. That was the way, people in olden times used to do business in Thailand. An early morning ride to the place is recommended as it is not so hot at that time and also the place is lively as the people there start their business and look for a wonderful day with the tourists. You will find people selling fruits and vegetable, flowers and gift items from the wooden boats to the people standing on the land. The place is far away from Bangkok, so the best way to reach there is to join a local tour. It will take around couple of hours to reach and explore the place.

floating-market-bangkok-khlong-lat-mayam-32-X3Floating Market

Exploring South Thailand is an essential part of Thailand’s journey. There are so many different islands situated full of natural scenery, caves, mountains, hiking and trekking. Some of the island to visit in South Thailand are accessible by bus, train, and plane.

Koh Samui – It is the biggest of 80 islands in the Samui Archipelago, and easily its most popular. Hat Chaweng and Hat Lamai are the two busiest beaches. Several operators run day trips from Ko Samui, which usually include a 400m (1,300ft) climb up to a lookout point on Ko Wua Talab and a visit to Tham Bua Bok (Waving Lotus Cave). Diving and snorkelling are usually best at the northern tip, around Ko Yippon.

The-John-Suwan-Viewpoint-in-Koh-TaoKoh Tao

Krabi – The province that has both the mainland and some idyllic islands. Krabi Town is the main jump-off point for travelers en route to the beaches and islands of Krabi Province. Most of Krabi’s 600-plus climbing routes are located on Railay Bay peninsula, which has sheer limestone cliffs facing the sea.


Koh Lanta – It has a thickly forested 25-kilometre-long island has the longest beaches in the area. There’s good snorkeling and diving nearby, caves to explore, elephant trekking and kayaking, so many people base themselves here for their entire holiday fortnight.

James-Bond-Island-near-Krabi-ThailandJames Bond Island near Krabi

Phuket – It’s known as a party paradise of Thailand in some circles. There’s fresh seafood, great weather, friendly people, and tons of options for travelers. And then there’s the beaches — thanks to its dense, forested landscape, this beauty of Thailand offers an abundance of well-hidden, white sand beaches to choose from. There are lots of activities also to do such as diving, nature hikes, massages, or even a day trip out to the surrounding Phi Phi Islands, Similan Islands, or the narrow sea caves of Phang Nga Bay.

Panoramic-view-of-Phuket-from-Cape-PanwaPanoramic View of Phuket

Photos taken from: journeyofwondersblog

A visit to the Northern Thailand to the places of Chiang Mai and Lampang is up in the next blog which are famous for its Elephant Parks and a hub for ceramics.


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