Explore Singapore

The third day of the tour takes us to the island of Sentosa where adventurous trips and a view of the majestic beach and the sunset awaits us. On Sentosa island there are  many other activities to do also such as a visit to Sentosa S.E.A. Aquarium, Universal Studios, Adventure Cover Water Park, Casino, Trick Eye Museum, Cable Car ride and Zipline Ride.

The Universal Studios ticket is for $72 and for kids it is $53. There is a ton of activity for all inside the park right from meet and greet to street entertainment, shows and adventure rides, dining and shopping also. The whole park can take more than 5 hours to explore and enjoy. As we come out of the adventure park, Sentosa SEA Aquarium will be waiting ahead. It’s a whole together different world inside there with more than 100,000 marine animals of over 5000 species over 50 different habitats are there. It’s an experience in itself.

universal-studios-singapore               The Globe @Universal Studios

After a long day at the island, it’s time for some rest and relaxation so we head to the Sentosa beach which is divided into parts – Palawan beach and Siloso Beach. Different cafes and restaurants adorn the walk to the beach tempting us with the aroma of the food. As the view of the beach comes, there is a sense of relaxation in our footsteps. The evening sun is settling down and the calmness it provides on the water soothes us and we sit there on the white sand savoring the view. Kids are playing around in the sand while people are swimming and playing with balls in the water reflecting a serene scene out of the movie. A perfect way to end the day.

1604493_10152587293314202_1094259349_nSerene @Sentosa Beach

Some Singaporean Dishes to try

How can we miss the food when we are in Singapore ? Let’s start with some of the famous food dishes that are available on the island nation.

Why not start the day with some of authentic Singaporean breakfast – Kaya toast with soft-boiled eggs.  A white loaf of bread is there which is added on with coconut paste and topped up with butter. Eggs are boiled with a minimum of 7-10 minutes. Seasoning is give of salt, pepper and dark soya sauce.

The other famous breakfast which you can see people savoring it is Roti-Prata. Roti Prata is of Indian origin, has a Malay name, and is eaten by the Chinese! It is a fried flour-based pancake, with added-on such as cheese, eggs, mushroom, onions or even chocolate syrup inside the batter.

roti prataRoti-Prata or even known as Roti Canai

First one that comes to my mind after the breakfast food is Hainanese Chicken Rice, one of the well know and celebrated food dish. No food stall will be without a chicken rice stall in there. It is served with chicken rice and pandan leaves are added to give it an added fragrance. Chili sauce made with garlic and red chili, as well as dark soya sauce.

Laksa is a dish merged from Chinese and Malay elements otherwise known as Peranakan culture. There are 2 main types of laksa- curry laksa and asam laksa. Singapore Curry Laksa uses vermicelli, coconut milk, tau pok (beancurd puffs), fish slices, shrimp and cockles (hum).


Nasi Lemak is a very versatile dish which is now eaten during lunch and dinner too. Traditionally wrapped in banana leaves. The rice is steamed with coconut cream to give it a sweet fragrance. The typical Nasi Lemak set comes with Ikan Bilis (anchovies), peanuts, egg and sambal chili.

Mee Siam means “Siamese noodles” and is vermicelli soaked in a sweet and spicy gravy flavoured by Tamarind (assam), dried shrimp and Tau Cheo (fermented bean paste).  It usually comes with a boiled egg, bean sprouts, tau pok (beancurd puff) and is garnished with chives.

Durian Fruit is the national fruit of Singapore. Most foreigners are turned off by the strong ‘pungent’ smell, while locals adore the flesh so much they turn it into desserts, cakes, tarts and even shakes. I also tried it once but then didn’t like the smell of it. The thing is due to the pungent smell of it, it is not allowed to be carried inside MRT and buses.


Durian Fruit

Satay is a dish of skewered, Turmeric marinated meat that is grilled on an open fire.  Typical meats include chicken, beef, mutton and even pork. Ketupat (rice cake), onions and cucumbers usually accompanies Satay. A spicy peanut dip is also provided for the Satay and sides as well.

We used to have this dish specially made on the charcoals outside in the restaurant I used to work and some times, demand was so much it would get finished in less than 2 hours. People would come again some times for the satay gravy that used to come with it and savor it.

As for desserts, there is Ice Kacang, it is prepared by having a ice mountain on top of a bowl of assorted ingredients like red bean, attap chee (palm seed), chendol, grass jelly. Evaporated or condensed milk is then added on the top along with red rose syrup and sarsi syrup to produce the multi-coloured effect. Icecream or a scoop of durian ice cream would be added on top to make it more tempting and different.

Ice Kacang

Up ahead is a trip to Thailand – The land of SMILES. A exhilarating combination of temples, tropical beaches, national parks and many more things to look around.

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