Explore Singapore !!

Continuing ahead in accordance with my last blog, I will be sharing with you all, the places to see in Singapore.

Let’s start with one of the famous places called Marina Bay Sands Area. After undergoing a transformation, it has become the de facto place for tourist to visit in Singapore. The Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Casino is one of the focal points of the bay and many of the great things to do and see revolve around this place.

My journey starts from opposite the Marina Bay Sands where the famous Merlion is situated, one of the most sought after and iconic landmarks of the city. Taking a photo here has become synonymous with the place. With the invention of selfie stick, you can see people taking a selfie with the Merlion in the background. From there we walk towards the other side where the Esplanade – Theaters on the bay, Singapore’s home for the performing arts. It also has a outdoor theater where regular performances happen and enthrall the audiences. The design of the dome is spectacular and it lights up in the night in various colors.

As we walk further, the famous Helix Bridge will come into view which is all decked up at night and up we come into the Marina Bay Sands Area where Shoppes by the Bay is there, one of Singapore’s largest luxury shopping malls with outlets such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton encompassing the modern design giving breath taking views of Singapore’s Central Business District (CBD). The view at night is just mesmerizing. There’s a casino situated in the complex and the Marina Bay Sands hotel in the background comprising of 2,250 rooms in three towers.

10497096_10153336375044202_2941150996593558241_o“Picturesque” @Marina Bay Sands

A $23 ticket and $12 for kids will take you to the highest level on the hotel where the Sky Deck is situated. It gives a panoramic view of the colorful city of Singapore with the CBD in front and the Gardens by the Bay in the background. Make sure to look around the shopping complex and the view it offers of the Singapore skyline and be ready for the fountain show too which happens daily at  8pm. Next we move ahead to Gardens by the Bay, situated behind the Marina Bay Sands hotel, where the main attractions are Flower Dome, Cloud Forest and Super-tree Groves. Most area of the park is free for all, but admission fee is required for these three mentioned attractions. We end this mini tour at the Singapore Flyer. It is Asian’s biggest observation wheel, also known as the Ferris wheel, offering a bird’s eye view of the entire island city. A tour of the Singapore flyer will last around 32 minutes in the air conditioned capsule which can accommodate around 28 passengers in each capsule. The price of the flyer will be $30.

20161215_192409.jpgNight View @Singapore Skyline

If you have got kids then Day 2 will be interesting as we can start from a trip to Jurong Bird Park, Asia’s largest bird paradise with over 5000 birds of 400 species. Be ready to feed the exotic birds during the feeding sessions and be amazed by the show stopping antics during the bird show.

Taking a turn from the sightseeing, we go to Little India and Chinatown next, traditional and cultural amalgamation centers in the city where you can see beautiful temples to taking a heritage walk in Chinatown and have finger-licking Indian food to fill your appetite. The smell of incense sticks and flowers will fill you up as you visit the Kali Amman Temple in Little India, one of the oldest temples in the country, dedicated to Goddess Kali. Be amazed to see the throngs of people walking the street in this area as it is more populated and where ever you have a look, you will get a glimpse of a cafe or restaurant, inviting you to by the smell of the food to try the chicken curry or roti-pratha.

Who doesn’t loves Shopping ? Right. So next up is what we all enjoy doing it and what has essentially become a part and parcel of one’s tour of a country – Shopping. The one place where all the travelers visit and where all the things are available at a single place is known as Mustafa Shopping Center. It’s a huge maze of complex which spans two blocks. Right from food to clothes to chocolates to gift items – everything is there inside. Just make sure not to get lost inside. The best thing is it remains open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Personal experience – The first time I went there and wanted to come outside, it took me 10 minutes to find an exit. Either I am bad at finding a way or it’s a maze of shopping complex, which keeps you engulfed inside. But one thing is for sure, you will surely enjoy the experience in the area.

deepavali177Deepavali Decorations @Little India

Arab Street is the place which is influenced by the Islamic culture and Sultan Mosque too, one of the oldest there. One is allowed to go inside to have a glimpse, so people need to be mindful of the praying hours as entry during those time is forbidden. Arab Street is the place where there are lots of food stalls and also one can find things related to clothes, art crafts and carpets.

A walk in Chinatown will give you an insight into the heritage of the place and worth it because of the special architecture, temples that are there, vivid market life and the good food. The shops and houses have Chinese symbols of fortune supposed to bring in good luck and happiness in the lives of the inhabitants. A visit to Sri Mariamman Temple is also a must-do, declared as a national monument.

20150314_190848“The Grand beauty” @Marina Bay Sands Hotel

The Chinatown Street market encapsulate all the sights and sounds visitors expect of Chinatown, with hundreds of stalls selling everything from silk robes to lucky cats. There are plenty of ‘Made in China’ goods on display and lanterns swaying in the breeze above your head. There’s also a fantastic range of street food carts amongst the shopping, with fresh dim sum and crispy duck. The interesting thing about Chinatown is that there is a sausage stand run by an Austrian – Erich’s Sausage Stand. He has been running the food stall since quite some time and he will take time out to have a little chat with his customers. Besides it, there is a juice stall where they squeeze fresh fruits and is ready for the customers in the tropical weather of Singapore at an affordable price starting from $1.50.
Hustle-Bustle of Chinatown
The early evening trip takes us to the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari which is an exciting place for one and all. Adult ticket is for $33 and for kids it is $22. It is set in rain-forest environment and has 2800 animals of over 300 species of mammals, birds and reptiles. What makes this place is unique is that it has a free ranging orangutan habitat inside. People can pose with certain animals and birds for photography and has many interesting facades to this natural habitat of animals.
The night safari is the world’s first wildlife park for nocturnal animals. You will be welcomed by more than 2500 animals there such as Asian elephant, Malayan tiger and Malayan tapir. Another way to explore the place is on wheels – tram. The 35 minute ride is filled with live commentary which takes you through seven geographical zones from the rugged Himalayan foothills to the swamp wetlands of Equatorial Africa. The experience will fill you up with energy and it is worth staying late up for it.
Entrance @Singapore Zoo
Hang around for the next blog which will bring out the foodie in you as I will be sharing the local cuisines to try around Singapore.

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